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Business Registrations

Private Limited

The default option for start-ups and growing businesses as only private limited companies can raise venture capital. This type of company offers limited liability for its shareholders with certain restrictions placed on the ownership. Private limited company registration, directors may be different from shareholders.

Limited Liability

LLP was introduced to provide a form of business that is easy to maintain and to help owners by providing them with limited liability. Limited Liability Partnership Registration combines the benefits of a partnership with that of a limited liability company.

One Person

The best structure for solo entrepreneurs looking beyond the opportunities a sole proprietorship affords. Here, a single promoter gains full authority over the company, restricting his/her liability towards their contributions to the enterprise. The said person will be the sole shareholder and director.


A business structure in which two or more individuals manage a business per the terms in Partnership Deed. It’s best suitable for home businesses that are unlikely to take any debt due to low cost, ease of setting up and minimal compliance requirements.

Mandatory Compliances

Govt Licenses & Registrations

Tax Registrations

Property & Personal


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India’s most comprehensive indirect tax reform — the goods and services tax (GST) — is inching towards a July 1 rollout with the GST Council cutting the rate on household goods and other essential items, raising the threshold for the scheme that requires lesser compliance and approving another key set of rules relating to audit and accounts.
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